Businesses are continuously trying to acquire new customers and get existing customers to become repeat consumers of their products and services. SportsClash is an excellent way to accomplish both through a simple-to-setup and easy-to-use sports picks app. However, the benefits of the SportsClash app don’t stop there.

Benefit #1 – Build your marketing email portfolio

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to get your products and services in front of potential customers in a timely and meaningful way. The SportsClash app makes acquiring new email addresses easy by providing customers with a simple and free contest to enter with an opportunity to win prizes.



The only cost to the customer is providing their email address to notify them if they win. While providing their email address isn’t costly to the customer it is very valuable to your business as it allows you to build your content marketing email list for future promotion.

Benefit #2 – Promote revenue-generating products and services

After the customer enters their picks and provides their email address to enter the contest, they are then brought to a “Thank You” landing page. The “Thank You” page can be customized to promote upcoming events, give special discounts and draw customers to other products and services to purchase.



The “Thank You” page content is open to whatever the business would like to present to the customer and can be changed for each contest that is run which is a great opportunity to lead customers to other revenue generating products and services.

Benefit #3 – Repeat customers

Maybe the only thing more challenging then acquiring a new customer is getting an existing customer to return again and again to continue to visit your establishment or buy more of your products and services. The SportsClash app makes this possible in multiple ways:

  • Customers are motivated to return to your establishment or website to participate in future contests because they have the opportunity to win free prizes.
  • Past winners visit your establishment or website to redeem their prize and likely purchase additional products and services during their visit.
  • Now that you have additional email addresses from contest entrants, your business can reach more customers with email marketing content to promote your business, generate repeat visits and increase sales.

Benefit #4 – Educate customers about sports betting

With the Supreme Court lifting the federal ban on sports gambling in May 2018 wagering on sporting events is now in the hands of each state to determine its legality. Some states have already passed sports betting regulations and many more will follow in the coming months and years. This opens up a great opportunity for businesses such as casinos to begin to educate their customers on sports betting so when it becomes legal in their state they will already have a big potential customer base who is ready to dive in.



The ability of the SportsClash app to include betting lines for the matchups of a contest will provide many potential sportsbook customers a basic understanding of point spreads and sports betting and will help build excitement around sports betting when it becomes legal in your state.

Benefit #5 – Create Buzz!

What is buzz? “Buzz” is all the intangible benefits that come from engaging customers in a fun and rewarding experience. It’s a friend telling another friend about the free night in a hotel they won by picking the most games right during Week 14 of the NFL season. It is a co-worker bragging around the water cooler that he predicted the big upset which helped them win a $25 gift certificate. It’s the husband and wife that return every week for a “friendly” competition to see who can predict the most games right. It is the college student sharing with their thousands of followers on social media about the contest that is free to play with a chance to win prizes. Use SportsClash to create your own fun, entertaining and engaging contests for any sport to generate your own “buzz.”

It may be hard to believe that a simple sports picks application can open the door to so many potential revenue-generating opportunities. However, SportsClash is a great marketing tool that can help broaden your email marketing portfolio and create buzz which in turn helps gain new customers and generate repeat business. Everyone likes getting involved in some fun competition, especially when it is free and there is the potential of prizes to be won!